Dr. Lynne Mitchell-Pedersen was founding President of CGNA. Highlights of her Geriatric Nursing career involved opening doors to restraint free patient care and understanding sexuality in old age. She then went on to a private practice in Psychotherapy. The last time she spoke at a CGNA Conference, she was in the ‘working/career’ part of life’s spectrum. Now 75, retired and recently widowed, her focus has moved nearer to the other end of the spectrum.

Her life is full with family, friends, writing, playing piano and guitar, cycling, canoeing, hiking, and cross country skiing.

As mid-life nurses- in an effort to be sensitive to the needs of older people, we tried to imagine what aging would be like. Did we really ‘get it’? Were we truly able to understand what people needed? It is so important that we asked, and are still asking those questions. In our 2017 Conference closing address, Lynne reflects on how we shape our questions and how we help others to shape theirs.

Saturday, May 6 | 14:45-15:45