Most Common Misdiagnosed Health Conditions

Years back, when people went to their family physician, they trusted them wholeheartedly and very rarely asked any questions. Most would take everything that the physician said as gospel. In recent years this has changed, and individuals are becoming more proactive in their health, including wanting to interact more with their healthcare provider. This is important, as many don’t realize that there are several conditions which people can suffer from, that quite often don’t get diagnosed properly.

Heart Attack

Due to improved education, individuals are better at recognizing the signs and symptoms of a heart attack. Many will go to emergency if they are showing signs that they may be suffering from this. However, there are times where the ER doctors will miss the cues of a heart attack and misdiagnose the symptoms as being caused by anxiety or indigestion. This is because the symptoms for these conditions are very similar to a heart attack.


This is a condition which did not receive the attention that it should have, in the early beginnings, when it was first being recognized. Quite often, the symptoms from this ailment mimic those of other types of diseases. As an unfortunate result of this, it can be misdiagnosed for months or even years.


Depression is a mental condition which has been on the rise over the years, and it can take a long time before it is diagnosed properly. The reason being is that many mental health conditions can include depression, and this tends to misdirect some in the healthcare field.


With the newer technology which has become available, different types of cancer are now becoming diagnosed much quicker. There are still different types of this dreaded illness that do not get detected. Or the signs and symptoms will lead the healthcare professionals to diagnose it as something else. Statistics have shown that up to 44% of some cancers are misdiagnosed.