Mental Health and Bipolar Disorder

There are many mental health disorders that society is faced with today. Getting them properly diagnosed is the first challenge, and then finding proper treatment is the second. One of the common mental health disorders that can go undetected and is greatly misunderstood is bipolar disorder.

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a concerning mental health condition that causes an individual to experience mood swings. At one moment they can very happy and on top of the world. Then in no time at all, their mood can change where they have become depressed. Most often, when they are on a high, they are considered to be manic, which means that they are bursting with energy and positive thoughts and feelings of euphoria.

The Side Effects

There are a lot of bad side effects that come with the bipolar condition. There are different forms of bipolar, which also can be a challenge to diagnose properly. In general, bipolar will cause individuals not to be able to sleep properly. They can be overactive at times, their behaviour can be erratic, and they are not able to think clearly.

The Treatment

Unfortunately, there is no cure for the bipolar condition, but there are some very positive treatments that are now available to individuals that suffer from this disorder. It is important to get diagnosed properly, and quite often, family and friends are instrumental in helping healthcare providers diagnose this condition. A bipolar patient may not realize their symptoms are not normal and will not relate these to their doctor. Whereas family and friends do realize that something is amiss and can discuss this with the physician.


It is also important for society to become self-educated about bipolar as it is such a common mental disorder. Often those that suffer from this condition are shunned because of their erratic behaviour. They are judged unfairly and may be excluded from family and social events because of this.