Is the New Trend of Vaping Harmful to Health?

One of the latest trends to reach the market is to vape instead of using cigarettes. When this first became popular, many felt that it was a great alternative to using cigarettes. Some think that it is an excellent method for being able to quit smoking by transitioning over to vaping. It didn’t take long before some controversy began about this new habit.

Getting Out of Hand

One of the issues which both Canada and the US, as well as other countries, have, is that vaping is getting out of hand. Those who vape, do so in any place where they may be. This includes kids using vaping devices at school, which many critics are saying is not promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The Controversy

The problem which those who are against vaping have, is that there has been no definitive evidence to show that vaping does not cause any harm to the body. There are all types of vaping devices and substances, some of which include nicotine. Recently, there has been an outbreak in the US where people are being hospitalized as a result of vaping. However, healthcare professionals are not able to definitively identify what vape is doing to the lungs. All they know is that these people are having difficulty breathing who are vape users.

Better Than Cigarettes

Another big question which has arisen is that of whether vaping is better than smoking cigarettes. Those for vaping argue that the vaping components do not have the harmful ingredients that cigarettes do. Those who are against them feel that inhaling the vapor is putting the lungs at risk of infection.

Stricter rules about where vaping can be done are quickly being implemented, although there is controversy over as to how this can be enforced. It appears as though it will be some time before it can be entirely determined what the benefits and risks are of vaping.