How Pets Can Affect Your Health

Some of those that are looking for natural ways to enhance their health, one thing that they may overlook is pet ownership. There has been more research and evidence to support that owning a pet can be very beneficial to keeping individuals healthy.

Mental Health

It has been shown that owning a pet, whether it be a dog or cat or another type of domestic animal, can be a positive experience for those suffering from mental health disorders. It allows them to put some focus on their animal and allows them some peace of mind.


There is some research that is now indicating that being a pet owner may be beneficial for the individual to help lower their cholesterol. Studies to date so far have shown this, but they are limited and much more is needed. Some studies show that men tend to have lower cholesterol levels if they are a pet owner.

Blood Pressure Reduction

There are a lot of people that suffer from high blood pressure and are taking various types of medications to keep it in control. A study has been conducted shows that those taking the medication and are also a pet owner of a cat or dog have more of a reduction in their blood pressure compared to those that do not.

Fitness Booster

Many pets need to be exercised, and particularly dogs. They put the responsibility of ensuring this happens on the pet owner. It is not only keeping the pet healthy but the owner as well. Normally a pet owner will exercise their dog once a day. This causes them to have to get out with the animal and participate with them.

Allergy Reduction

Some new evidence shows that children that were exposed to pets before the age of six may not be as likely to suffer from allergies when they get older.