Healthy Tips For Your Heart


You know how essential a healthy heart is to your body, a study recently published discovers that subjects that followed four heart-healthy tips cut their odds of heart failure by an astonishing 81% in girls and 68% in men. What is more, the more healthy habits you follow along, the lower the likelihood of heart failure becomes. On top of that, even creating one heart-healthy lifestyle option was sufficient to bring down the level of risk by 47 percent in women, 31% in men.

So, what are these four healthy habits?

1. Don’t smoke

2. Lose weight (if overweight)

3. Get regular exercise

4. Eat vegetables.

Heart failure is a chronic condition where the heart muscle grows weaker until it’s no longer able to pump enough blood to satisfy body needs. With organs not getting the blood they need, fluid builds in areas it should not, the lungs, the gastrointestinal tract, the liver as well as the arms and legs.

The symptoms often appear gradually, at first only when you are very busy, though over time you may feel breathing issues and several other symptoms even when you’re resting. At age 40 your chance of heart problems at any stage of your life is nearly one in five.

For the present way of life and heart failure study, 38,075 subjects in Finland were analyzed to compare the odds of heart failure between women and men. After a follow up of 14 years, 638 of the guys and 445 of the girls were diagnosed with heart failure.

Even after accounting for risk factors we know to affect heart failure (high blood pressure, heart attack history, diabetes), healthy lifestyle choices brought a lesser probability of disease.

– People who smoke had an 86% increased likelihood of heart failure, nevertheless women smokers especially saw a 109% increase in risk.

– Guys that were considered obese had a 75% greater risk; obese women had a 106 percent greater risk.

– Guys who did regular, moderately intense exercise had a 21% decreased risk; women who exercised at precisely the exact same level were found to have a 13% reduced risk. More intense kinds of exercise increased the advantage, by 33 percent in the men, 39% in the female subjects.

– Everybody who ate veggies 3-6 times per week showed a 26 percent for men, 27 percent for women reduced the risk of heart failure compared to those subjects who ate vegetables on less than 1 occasion weekly.

Researchers suggest that any lifestyle changes you make to keep healthy are beneficial. Theoretically, nearly half of heart failure cases that occur in the general population could be avoided if people followed at least three of the four healthy behaviors.

This study brings home the point that lifestyle choices are significant… critically important. And that’s the great news to choose from this study – those changes are within our control AND we do not have to do them all at once, to receive the benefit. Though not simple, by making healthier lifestyle choices we could affect the condition and strength of body systems.

Watch for physicians and other healthcare professionals to start emphasizing the advantages of those heart healthy tips today more than ever before.