Health Dangers for Seniors Today

In the past, there have been common health dangers which have been recognized that seniors are vulnerable to. Now, more significant risks are being identified, which gives every indication that positive steps must be taken to help reduce these.

Over Testing

With all the technology which is available to the healthcare providers today, they tend to do an abundance of testing to diagnose physical ailments. It has been indicated that too many medical tests can be detrimental for seniors. One of the problems is that some of the preliminary tests can be misleading, and can lead healthcare providers into conducting additional tests that could put the elderly at risk.

Fractured Hips

The fracturing of the hip in the elderly has always been a concern. This is because they are at risk of falling. However, now that many seniors are far more active, as there is plenty for them to do, the risk has become greater. They tend to go out and socialize more, and perhaps have extra clutter in the home that is putting them at jeopardy. Fractured hips in the elderly can reduce their quality of life dramatically, and lead to other serious health problems.


It comes as a surprise to many who learn that suicide in the elderly is becoming a concern. This is being identified as taking place in some elderly care facilities. Whether accidental or on purpose, it is a concern which needs to be addressed. Many of the elderly are generally in good health, other than a mental depression that may be leading them to take their own lives.

Environmental Health

Another new risk which seniors of today are facing, is issues with the environment they live in. Housing has become overcrowded, and ventilation in the homes is often inadequate. As people age, they need fresh and clean air to help sustain them, and many seniors are not getting this.